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Wheelchair - ramp lift


Wheelchair - ramp lift BLM for inside and outside usage

For a mobile life without barriers - independent, self-dependent, individual
Solid technology - handcraft quality
Reasonably priced compared to other ramps and if you move you can simply take your BLM with you
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Our new vertical lift BLM
with patented automatic stair bridging
Get back some quality of life with our ramp lift BLM. We help you to become independent and free again. Without the help of others you can overcome barriers of up to 1m. Preconditions are just a solid, plain subsurface and 230 V alternating current connection.

  • high safety standard (TÜV - Technical Inspection Agency certificate)
  • simplest mounting, good ease of use
  • high reliability and durability
  • low maintenance costs
  • high-quality materials and corrosion protection
  The bascule bridge makes the entrance passable for persons in wheelchairs as well as for pedestrians - at the same time your stair remains unaltered.
The ramp lift BLM can be distinguished by its simplest mounting, high reliability and high-quality material and offers a solution for every entrance with barriers of up to 1m.

A solution for every entrance

Whether from right, left or frontal - the possible access is variable. The lift can easily be adapted and is flexible in its usage.

  • Load bearing capacity: 225 kg
  • Step height: up to 1 m
  • Passage width: 85 cm / 105 cm
  • little required space


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