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Lift for disabled - Vertical lifts


Wheelchair vertical lifts

Awarded the Innovation Seal of the FTB
(Research Institute for Technological Assistance for the Disabled)
No fixing required

230 V connection

Infrared remote control comes as standard

With adjustable back and panels

Various finishes Platform
design optional

Only 40 mm ride-on ramp height

Can travel straight or round corners


  • Needs no pit
  • Simple installation without fixing
  • Low platform construction so the ride-on ramp is only 40 mm high
  • Equipped with adjustable back and panels at the upper stop position
  • Made of high-grade steel and aluminium
  • Infrared remote control comes as standard (also optional cable remote control)
  • Quiet operation
  • Low weight
  • Special sizes are possible

Technical data Straight run Run round corner
Overall width: 1050 mm 1295 mm
Overall length: 1505 mm 1260 mm
Platform width 800 mm 1000 mm
Platform length 1200 mm 1000 mm
Ride-on ramp length 120 mm 120 mm
HBL300 HBL600
Lifting height: Up to 300 mm Up to 600 mm
Electrical connection: 230 V 230 V
Max. load: 200 kg 200 kg
Speed: ca. 0,15 m/s ca. 0,15 m/s

  Special sizes possible


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