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Wheelchair - vertical lift


Wheelchair - vertical lift for outside usage - BLS

Our new vertical lift BLS.
The solution for stations between 1 m and 10 m.
Modern electronics and high-quality materials - rainproof / snowproof.

This guarantees reliability and long lifetimes. Additionally, the user benefits from

  • well proven technology
  • high safety standards
  • simple and handicapped accessible handling
  • individual and flexible customization to constructional conditions
  • time-saving installation by our specialized staff
  • little required space
  • variable hoistway design with entrances lying on top of each other
  • opposing entrances or corner entrances
  • Furthermore, the new BLS is certified according to the TÜV-technical release procedure (TÜV = Technical Inspection Agency)
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Technical details

  • Load bearing capacity: up to 300 kg / 500 kg
  • Height of stroke: bis 10 m
  • Stroke speed: approx. 0.15 m/sec
  • variable platform dimensions
  • reduced platform weight
  • improved drive concept
  • variable hoistway casing in shatterproof glass, metal, forex or polycarbonate
  • additional options if desired by customer

Variable and inexpensive
We offer this lift, which has been developed for inside and outside usage, as a basic construction design for the mounting onto a wall with or without hoistway or as a free-standing lift with hoistway.

Whether for an old, new or reconstructed building:
These lifts are the adequate solution for inside and outside usage.



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